Evolution Of Photography Essay

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TOPIC #5 For this topic essay, I have chosen three leaders in the evolution of photography to look at. They are:/ Joseph Nicephore, George Eastman, and Adolf Miethe. I feel that these three photographers/inventors have created some of the most interesting and technological advances known to mankind. These photographers/inventors have succeeded in allowing photography to grow from trying to capture an image from a pinhole to changing a film in the camera in the daytime. I know that there are many interesting photographers and even inventors that have helped with the improvement and the creating the medium of photography. They all struggled with the lack of equipment and technology that we have today. With their designs and knowledge, we now…show more content…
He was also the first manufacturer of rolled film. He knew with the advancement of rolled film and the increased camera sales, he would drastically improve the number of sales of the rolled film along with the processing fees for the film to be developed. He also urged children to join the Brownie Camera Club, where members were sent booklet that explained photography and offered photo contests where they could earn awards for images. For my third photographer/inventor, I have selected Adolf Miethe. He was born in Potsdam, Germany on April 25, 1862. He appears to have lived a good life, living to the age of 65 years old when he passed on May 5, 1927, in Berlin, Germany. Adolf Miethe was a very interesting individual. Not only was he a photographer, but a person with the knowledge to create or co-create many new inventions towards the movement of photography. In 1887 he was the co-inventor of the flash that used a magnesium powder flash-light, he did this with the help of Johannes Gaedlicke. During this time, Adolf Miethe also worked for an optical company where he developed many types of lenses and one of the first tele-lenses to be used on cameras. During the year of 1899, he went to the Royal Technical University to take over the position as the professor of Spectral-Analysis, Photography, and
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