Evolution Of Pop Culture In The 1970's

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Popular culture, better known as "pop culture", is made up of images, perspectives, ideas, and attitudes. We don 't know it, but we see pop culture everywhere and every day. Movies, TV shows, music, politics, fashion/makeup and even "slang" are all part of pop culture. Pop culture is very good at influencing our words, our actions, and the way we see the world. The phrase "pop culture" was first used in the 19th century. People would associate pop culture with the lower class and people with poor education. The people who were in the upper classes and higher education were part of "official culture". From the beginning of music history, the sounds have changed and evolved for our liking. The decades that shaped our music today were the 1970…show more content…
1970 's In 1970 's didn 't start out so well; the famous group The Beatles had just broken up and everyone thought their love of music was destroyed. The 1970 's were all about change afterward. Disco had died and everyone was looking for a brand new sound. The years were full of relaxation and dance music. The genres were funk, smooth, jazz fusion, reggae, and soul were all popular during the time. There were many different types of "rock" music going in and out of popularity; glam rock, hard rock, punk rock, and art rock. This was also the decade when hip hop slowly started peeking through to the world, but it didn 't get as much attention until the 80 's. There were many memorable groups like Led Zeppelin, Queen, Pink Floyd, and Abba all affected in 70 's for the better and helped start the role music had in the 80 's. (1.) Ross, Alex. "The Unoriginal Originality." N.p., n.d. Web. 14 Apr. 2014. Virgin Records. Virgin EMI Records/Queen. N.p.,…show more content…
2000 's The 2000 's were just a few years ago, and music has changed so much since then. The main music genre these years were rap and hip-hop. The genres didn 't just come out of nowhere, they 've been around since the 60 's, but just recently people are starting to hate on it for what the artist sing and protest against. The new rap songs are "promoting the violence against police officers and/or innocent bystanders". Hip-hop has a different focus than rap; those artists have an "unhealthy focus on sexually-based themes". Over the years, hip-hop and rap practically merged together with the help of the upcoming creators; musicians like Justin Timberlake and Usher all contributed. Later on, the names Jay-Z, Eminem, and Kanye West were producing combinations of hip-hop and rap. Even though they were all using the same techniques for their music, they all sounded different from one another and sang about different topics they thought were important to hear. The singers are still producing since then and continue to make music. Kanye West was and continues to be a common household name with his album "The College Dropout" released in 2004. Another performer is Eminem who raps about his life with

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