Evolution Of Public Relations In Pepsico

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Introduction The study of Public Relations has started to grow for some years now and has shown a huge amount of change in an organization on how to deal with key publics and improve the image of an organization. For the purposes of this research document, PepsiCo has been chosen to explore the needs of a Public Relations Department, a department that can handle key publics, the press and solely on enhancing the image of the organization. Also, the study is to discover the evolution of Public Relations through analyzing how PepsiCo deals with its key publics through a questionnaire that was sent via e-mail to a Senior Manager at PepsiCo. The full questionnaire will be provided as part of the Appendix part of this document but certain questions…show more content…
Public Relations is the very establishment and maintaining the very relationship that is created between the key publics and the organization. Key Publics can be categorized as two types and they are Internal Key Publics and External Key Publics. Key publics are basically those who are referred to as the audience of an organization, or the very people within a community affect and are affected by an organization. Evolution of Public Relations is defined as the very step that the career choice of majoring in Public Relations has grown to an outstanding amount over the past few years. Since the development of the world to where it stands today, it has been proven that more Public Relation employees are required within an…show more content…
Eavis is a Senior Manager at PepsiCo who has an educational background in Masters in Responsibility and Business Practice, and his Bachelor degree is in Geography. Two questions were asked from the questionnaire regarding Public relations and those are, “Does your organization have a Public Relations Department? If yes, please explain the purpose and expertise the department would have” and “Does the organization outsource from other companies for the purposes of Public Relations?” Mr. Eavis said that their corporation has a department that deals with Public Relations and it’s called the Communications department and in the Asia Pacific, the team of Communications is “part of a broader function called Corporate Affairs.” The team that they have handles all internal and external communications, government affairs, brand Public Relations and consumer relations. As for outsourcing or using an external public relations team, when it comes to certain markets, they do use external Public Relations and communication agencies. This means an external consultant would be hired to support and work for the corporation on a temporary

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