Evolution Of Standardized Testing

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Evolution of Standardized Testing
Over time, standardized tests have changed dramatically due to its increasingly importance to students and others. Standardized tests have changed in regards to its importance in college admissions,the way they pressure kids to study, and some may question if it is really worth it. Today, standardized tests take a big part in the life of many young students. Many question if standardized testing is worth all the trouble. But standardized testing wasn't always all stress, and worrying.
Throughout time there has been many changes in the U.S on their view of standardized testing.Ever since No Child Left Behind became a federal law, every state has been required to test every child every year in third through
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Due to preparation teens are overworked, overscheduled and overstressed, and it's taking a toll on the mental health. School psychologists say, students are aware of the high stakes attached to state exams. Students spend an excessive amount of class time preparing for them, and know that they will do poorly. Low test scores could ultimately cause a school to close or a teacher to lose a job. Students also can feel pressured by their inner drive to succeed, a quest for perfection or a fear of failure, especially if they may be unfamiliar with the English language or are not yet up to the reading or developmental level of the test in front of them (Frenette 5). When a child is under stress it disrupts the working memory," said South Glens Falls middle school teacher Jon Larson (Frenette 18). Additionally, he said, with the introduction of Common Core testing, "more students are struggling with test anxiety and, it seems, math." Students "take so many" tests that anxiety rises (Frenette 19). "I see it as a prevalent issue and I'm concerned it's becoming worse," Larson said(Frenette…show more content…
Special education students take the same tests as other children, receiving few of the accommodations usually provided to them as part of their Individualized Education Plans.
Each state develops its own NCLB standards and assessments,providing no basis for meaningful comparison. A student sitting for the Connecticut Mastery Test (CMT) is asked a completely different set of questions from a child in California taking the Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) test, and while the former includes essay questions, the latter is entirely multiple-choice. The teacher declared that “There was just far too much material on the test for them to get through and comprehend.” Throughout the last decade, we see that the NCLB act has caused standardized test to change dramatically. We see how test give disadvantages to students, as well as not promising success. Testing has came from not studying to stressing over one test that may determine your college admission. Testing not only affects students but as well as teachers and schools. Due to the requirements the NCLB and the US gives to each state, there are many people arguing for an alternative in testing. Throughout time, testing has always been a big deal, but now we see how it may affect people's dream. Test scores do not prove or promise success, and low test scores may lead one to not getting accepted where they would want to go. In conclusion, standardized testing has changed greatly in the last decade, not just in students
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