Evolution: Rods Vs. Cones

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Mahmoud Al-Semaiti Evolution - your inner fish 1- Describe these structures of eye: Retina: It 's a layer located in the back of the eye, have cells activated when exposure to light and that trigger nerves response impulse that are connected to optic nerve in the brain. Rods VS Cones: Cones are the receptors for the normal level of light and its for colored vision, Rods are used for the night vision due to the low level of light coming to the eye and its more sensitive than Cones and its for black or white vision. Opsins: it 's a protein in eye retina and its sensitive to the light, its involved in sending signals when exposure to light and become visual images. Spectrum: it 's a group of colors such as in rainbow, caused by the different components of…show more content…
Electromagnetic spectrum: its energy that travels in waves, a broad spectrum from long radio waves to short rays and we can only detect a small scale of the spectrum which is called visible light. Aquatic VS terrestrial: In terrestrial ecosystems plants provide the oxygen and the base of almost all food webs. In aquatic ecosystems those roles are carried more by various types of algae and plankton. 2- Compare and contrast these types of eyes: Microvilli VS Cilia : Cilia : is a microscopic hair like structure that are found is almost all mammalian cell. Microvilli: microscopic cellular membrane which increase surface area of the cell, it has couple of functions such as cellular adhesion, absorption and secretion. protostomes VS deuterostomes: Protostomes: it 's a pore that is formed during embryonic developments which becomes the mouth. deuterostomes: is the organisms that encounters radial cleavage during embryonic development, which means cell division planes are radially during formation of blastula. Nautilus: is a genus of cephalopods in the Nautilidae family. Species differ significantly in terms of morphology from the sister taxon Allonautilus. Pinhole VS Camera

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