Creationism Vs Evolution

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How did the Earth originate? Was there any supernatural being behind the creation of the Earth? There have been many claims and theories on how the Earth originated such as “The Big Bang Theory” and “The Nebular Theory” meanwhile there were two theories and claims that caused a debate for almost more than a century which is Evolutionism and Creationism. The Theory of Evolution is false because it could not prove any scientific evidence unlike Creationism that base all of it facts on the Bible, that has been proven scientifically and historically accurate.
The Evolution Theory is one of them most common ways to contradict Creationism as it tries to prove that the world is over 4.5 billion years, Humans evolved from apes by natural selections,
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preexisted as different forms. Evolution tries to show that everything evolved from something that existed a couple of billion or million years ago in a process called natural selection meaning that living things tend to evolve to another form to adapt and survive. It also tries to prove the Earth existing up to 4.5 billion years, meanwhile Scientist has proven that it is impossible for the Earth to be a billion years because the Earth’s magnetic field during the 18th century deteriorated in a predictable curve. With the results this shows that it is impossible to have life before 20000 B.C. An illustration showed that the moon would slowly be drifting away from the Earth. The inverse square law states that if the moon was half the distance away then the gravitational effect on our tides would be quadrupled or if the moon was 1/3 the distance then the gravitational effect would be 9 times stronger causing us to drown at least twice a day. If the Earth existed more than a billion of years then the Moon should have been inside or touching the Earth. If Humans were a result of evolving there should be at least remains of fossils of our ancestors who were in a different form. For over 2 centuries of digging beneath the Earth no previous ancestor remains have been found. Another is that Evolutionism states that life came from another form of life. Which is impossible because if you ask them about a chicken and an egg which comes first a chicken or an egg but chickens comes from egg or eggs comes from chicken. Creationism believes that there is a Creator who created the universe in 6 days and rested on the 7th day. The Bible is the book that creationist base their beliefs on. If you are asking, is the Bible historically and scientifically accurate? Yes, it is. There have been several archeology who have dig up places that were mentioned in the Bible like the Pool of Siloam where the
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