The Ancient Greek Civilization

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Greek Civilization Name of Author Name of Institution Greek Civilization The Greek archaic period, according to Lloyd, (c. 800- 479 BCE) started from what can only be termed indistinctness, and ended with the Persians being evicted from Greece for good after the battles of Plataea and Mykale in 479 BCE (2012). This period is then preceded by the Greek Dark Age (c.1100- 750 BCE), which is then followed by the Classical Period (c. 510- 323 BCE), with a documented period of Greek history, with misfortunes, amusements, antiquities, lawful cases and more surviving in the form of mythical and epigraphic sources. These periods gradually resulted in civilization of Greece as there were many evolutions and developments. The first two Greek civilizations…show more content…
Both city-states resisted the rule of tyrants, but they nonetheless developed in different directions. Sparta became a government which was governed by a few while Athens. Athens developed into a government which was to be ruled by the people. In addition, Sparta, despite being heavily militarized, they did invade there neighbor’s. They enslaved people who were called Helots. Young boys were taken from their homes to start military training. Also, the women because had had an intense feeling for equality. They therefore abolished money. Sparta had two kings who balanced each other out and had no individual…show more content…
The Spartans together with their allies decide to wage a war with the Athens. The war is then won by the Spartans which resulted in the declining of Greek civilization. Macedonia, these were the agricultural people who were ruled by a King. It was a large city that was half Greek, having Alexander the Great as their king who went on to conquer, conquer Greece and Persia. He dies young and the empire is divided among his generals. Classical Greek culture suffers a massive blast because of Alexander the Great. Civilization, therefore results in a massive downfall of Greece. Reference Cartwright, M. (2013, May 24). Mycenaean Civilization. Ancient History Encyclopedia. Retrieved from Finley, M. I. (1959). Was Greek civilization based on slave labour?. Historia: Zeitschrift für Alte Geschichte, (H. 2), 145-164. Lloyd, J. (2012, August 08). Greek Archaic Period. Ancient History Encyclopedia. Retrieved from
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