Evolving Planet Observation Report

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Planet Earth has experience four eras that include eleven periods and six mass extinctions throughout evolution. The Evolving Planet exhibit at the Field Museum in Chicago, IL describes the evolution of Earth in great detail. The evolution of Earth starts in the Precambrian period and continues to the Cenozoic era, which is still continuing today. Evolution is the idea that living species are descendants of ancestral species that existed from earlier forms of life. All the organisms, rocks, or other products originated from one single cell during the Precambrian period. The Evolving Planet exhibit allows its visitors to go back in time and discover how the planet evolved. It begins at the first origin of life to demonstrate how Earth evolved…show more content…
I did not realize that the origin of some mammals and other creatures was not that long ago. When looking just at the numbers, million and billions of years seem a long time away, but when walking through the Evolving Planet exhibit I was able to comprehend how new certain things are to Earth. I was very intrigued to learn about Lucy because I wanted to learn more about human’s ancestors and how humans evolved. The Evolving Planet was able to present the information in a way that I was able to compare and contrast features of humans and apes. The Evolving Planet exhibit allows people of all ages to go back into time and learn about the history and evolution of Earth. I would like to learn more about the Precambrian period because that is when the first life evolved. I want to know in greater detail how the Earth began from one single celled organism. If I were to go back to the Evolving Planet exhibit, I would pay special attention to the causes of mass extinction. I want to know if specific or little things happened again and eventually caused a mass extinction. I would like to see if the mass extinctions are related to each other in some
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