Evona Love Analysis

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Heartbreak and vengeance make the perfect cocktail for any juicy story, but so does the concept of a twisted illusion of reality. Stories of passion such as, Evona Darling written by Silas House and My Ex-Husband written by Gabriel Spera, are both examples of stories that give the reader the equation of love and hate entwined together with the tainted sense of reality. House descriptively writes a story about the passion of a mother’s love whose heart has been taken away by her child’s father, who through suspicious friends got Evona’s custody stripped away from her. On the other hand, Spera creates her poem in her perspective of being married to a man that betrayed her and played his cards of deceit. Both stories were passionately written after love had partaken, but the fairy tale ends had come upon them. The concept of reality ties in with illusion because in nature, humans are blinded with their own thoughts and feelings, just as the two women in these stories were blinded through love and awoke with heartbreak with similarities and differences. Similar to each other, Evona Darling and My Ex-Husband paint the picture of two women who are inspired through passion and admiration, but have come to the realization their illusions were just that, an illusion. Evona is a mother desperate to take her son back from her ex-mother-in-law and finds herself determined to get what she has lost, her son. Written descriptively, “It was all Evona could do not to stop and help her
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