Ex Felons Should Have The Right To Vote Again Essay

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Should Ex-cons have the right to vote again? In early law in Virginia had a dramatic change for former felons. Governor. Terry McAuliffe, made a law that allowed ex cons to have the right to vote. However , there are many controversies going on whether the former criminals to should have the right to vote again. Should they get the right to vote again? No, they should not because ex-cons have shown irresponsibility and dishonesty, they have violated the the rights of others, and they do not value society. According to, Voting Rights: 6 reasons Ex felons should not vote by Jerry Shaw, “Ex prisoners prisoners have demonstrated dishonesty and irresponsibility in their character by committing a crime, especially a serious crime and…show more content…
Imagine what they might think for the society when they get the right to make a decision for the society. Think about the values they might have for the society if they did something wrong, that had a bad affect to the society. If they destroyed our values in the past how do we know of which values they have in mind. Is it for a good cause of the society ar a bad cause to the society? Though, criminals should have second chance in their life to change their bad habits, and be a good influence. But, you can’t always trust them, you can’t have this hope that they will always have a good influence and never break the law again. As you know, ex-cons had made a mistake, those who trusted them before might have thought that the person would make good choices, but it turned out that the person made bad choices and broke the law. So, that’s why ex-cons should not have the rights to vote again. Ex-cons should not have the rights to vote again. They Have already broken the law, so it is unfair to let ex-cons have the rights to vote again. They have also broken trusts, violate others, and they have no values to the society. Therefore, this shows that former criminals should not have the rights to vote
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