Exages And Disadvantages Of Smart TV

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I KING ABDUL AZIZ UNIVERSITY (KAU) FACULTY OF COMPUTING AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Professional Computing Issues (CPIS 428 Project) "Smart TV” ZAR 4th of May 2016 Submitted to: Dr.Fatmah Baothman Submitted by: Student's Name Student's ID Signature Asmaa Alzahrani 1235631 Wejdan Alhazmi 1232966 Salwa AbdulAziz 1232744 Asail Mohammed Taify 1233499 I Work plan Student Name Student ID Role Asmaa Alzahrani 1235631 Introduction SmartTV Advantages & Disadvantages Wejdan ALhazmi 1232966 Introduction SmartTV Ethical Issues Salwa AbdulAziz 1232744 Introduction SmartTV Policy Asail Mohammed Taify 1233499 Conclusion Regulations II Table of Contents 1 INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND ..............................................................................…show more content…
We collect the advantages and disadvantages of Smart TV. Advantages: 1- everything you need to do online can be done from the settee: You can watch YouTube videos or play games and as long as you don’t mind others knowing what you are up to, you can check your e-mail and see what your friends are up to by logging on to your social media account. 2- Integrated TV Viewing Experience: Smart TVs extend far beyond switching on a television, selecting a channel and sitting down to watch. With the Internet 2 component, this generation of TVs are designed for an interactive experience that includes being able to access YouTube videos, play online games, participate in video conferences and even check into what’s happening on one’s social media account. 3- Making Television “Social”: Manufacturers of Smart TVs have created them to be highly interactive. These high-tech TVs can offer recommendations to the viewer of what shows or movies to watch based on what friends have seen and/or offer suggestions based on what information is stored by the user on a mobile…show more content…
Without trust an organization cannot function effectively. The honest computing professional will not make deliberately false or deceptive claims about a system or system design, but will instead provide full disclosure of all pertinent system limitations and problems. (ACM, 1992) The company producing smartTV violate this code because they didn't statement that they are save recording voice in data base on the server of company and shared it with other third party. After spread a rumor about spy privacy of smartTV users’ and speech of privacy campaigners then circulated the Privacy Policy statement company. (BBC, 2015) Code 1.7 Respect the privacy of others: Computing and communication technology enables the collection and exchange of personal information on a scale unprecedented in the history of civilization. Thus there is increased potential for violating the privacy of individuals and groups. It is the responsibility of professionals to maintain the privacy and integrity of data describing individuals. This includes taking precautions to ensure the accuracy of data, as well as protecting it from unauthorized access or accidental disclosure to

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