What Are The Similarities Between 1984 And 1984

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1984 by George Orwell was an amazing book that was unlike any other dystopian novel I have read. This is the first book that I have read for school that includes torture and mind control to the point of complete “sanity.” The mind control aspect is similar to the theme of manipulation in Othello. In Othello, Iago manipulates Othello into thinking his wife is cheating on him which subsequently causes the death of himself, his wife, and others. The manipulation is used to get Iago up in power while the manipulation in 1984 is used to let the Party have complete power over the mind for the purpose of having power. The idea of a dystopian society is something I have read in novels like Gathering Blue, but I have never read a book in which the dystopian society has a ruler, for 1984 the Party, that strong. Death happened at the end of 1984 much like in Othello and The Odyssey. In Othello, people died because of jealousy, in The Odyssey Odysseus killed the suitors, and in 1984 Winston’s humanity and mind died in a way.…show more content…
Manipulation was used to crush human nature, the destroying of words led to no free speech, torture was used to make people “sane” to the point of being dumb, and the list goes on. 1984 was an intense book, I have personally never read a book that caused me to feel that way, other works like The Odyssey include death and suffering on a larger scale, but the way 1984 made me feel was unlike any other reading experience. Being inside the mind of person while they are being tortured is a what, to me, makes this book unique to all
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