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Neighborhood association systems are community involvement tools use in community development approaches to create social identity and solidarity. This paper describes the process of community partnership between a nongovernmental organization (cooper grant neighborhood association) and a governmental organization (parking authority board) in the city of Camden. This study used qualitative data to examine how these organizations contribute to community empowerment in Camden. Apart from identifying community development initiatives that were inclusive and met the needs of the people in the community, this paper affirms that the primary outcome of community engagement is to improve the quality of life, build capacity and increase social …show more content…

The study looked at the level at which these organizations created social identity and solidarity within the community. Briggs (2003) described community building as a variety of efforts to organize and strengthen social connections by promoting collective common values and goals. Evidence of social identity and solidarity appeared in different degree and approach in each organization examined. For the parking authority board, this study shows level of identity within the city as community members are aware of their role in implementing a comprehensive parking system that enables residents to park in their neighborhoods, while for the cooper grant neighborhood association there was a significant level of identity and solidarity displayed by community members. During my visit to the two groups, it was clear that community members were not aware they can attend PACC meetings as observers. In one of the interview question session, John said “the PACC meeting is not open for the public” when asked again if it was a legislative mandate and the option of going as an observer. The response was “I do not know” (K.John, personal communication, November 10, 2014). This was not the case with CGNA as most community members knew they can participate in the meeting. From the study it was clear that empowerment strategy was used by CGNA to create a community meeting point and …show more content…

Community involvement is another way to examine the contributions of PACC and CGNA in community empowerment and partnership. Fawcett et al (1995), postulate that enhancing group capacity is a process of empowerment. In this study the level of community involvement was used in different approaches. The parking authority of the city of Camden uses economic empowerment as a tool to community involvement in Camden. In one of the open session regular board meeting at the PACC, Allen Rosenberg and Stacy Robinson of Morgan Stanley (a financial investment firm) did a presentation on how to help PACC manage and invest its assets sitting in non-performing instruments. Commissioner Jose Martinez, while inquiring about the availability of CDs and the required amount to be invested, he went further to say “I like the fact that this venture would create revenue to employ more people in the city of Camden” a rough estimate was done in a casual context of how many jobs the return in investment can create. For CGNA community involvement is about developing a share value and engagement within the community. CGNA used the culture of growth approach described by Maton and Salem (1995); focus on helping community members look beyond themselves and to view themselves as part of a whole. Community members were well informed of activities happening within the neighborhood and how it

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