Example Of A Confidentiality Agreement

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Appendix “A” – Confidentiality Agreement

I, __________________________________ of _______________________________________ (name) (address) in the Province of Ontario, agree to the following:
1. I acknowledge that I have been advised by Loan Recovery Systems Inc. that all documentation and information that I have access to through my employment with Loan Recovery Systems Inc. is strictly confidential.
2. I accept and agree to treat all information attained through my employment with Loan Recovery Systems Inc. as confidential and agree not to disclose this information, except when authorized during my employment or by law.
3. I recognize that this confidential information is not to be changed, copied, or destroyed, except upon approval and in accordance with the policy of Loan Recovery Systems Inc.
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I will not discuss confidential information with any party, and I will not contribute in or allow the release, publication or disclosure of this information.
5. I agree that I will not copy, distribute, or circulate information, except as when approved in the course of my employment or by law.
6. I will follow The Paralegal Rules of Conduct, Rule 3, Confidentiality, as follows:
Confidential Information
3.03 (1) A paralegal shall, at all times, hold in strict confidence all information concerning the business and affairs of a client acquired in the course of their professional relationship and shall not disclose any such information unless: (a) expressly or impliedly authorized by the client; (b) required by law or by order of a tribunal of competent jurisdiction to do so; (c) required to provide the information to the Law Society, or (d) otherwise permitted by this

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