Flipped Classroom In Nursing Education

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Development of science and technology, especially in the computer network system during the 1990s increased the number of teaching strategy for innovative learning. One of the new teaching methods for millennia students is flipped classroom. Flipped classroom or inverted classroom is a class where the teaching process and the assignment have been flipped over (Szparagowski, 2014). Commonly, teaching process and the information giving as a direction occur during the class time and students will accomplish their assignment at home. In flipped classroom the information and the direction will be given at home through video lectures, reading materials, or other instructional delivery method. Then, the assignment will be worked on in the classroom…show more content…
First study by Betivas et al (2015) “The evidence for flipping out: A systematic review of the flipped classroom in nursing education”. The aims of this systematic review were to examine how the flipped classroom has been applied in nursing education and its outcomes related to this style of teaching. This study revealed the conclusion of 21 studies and abstracts resulting in nine included studies. All researchers gave their critique regarding flipped classroom’s achievement and its quality as a teaching method in nursing education. Five studies critique academic performance outcomes and student’s satisfaction with flipped classroom. Application of flipped classroom in nursing education showed negative and positive outcomes. Socialization of flipped classroom model and objectives is important for students’ engagement. Nevertheless, no studies explain the evaluation process of it, especially its…show more content…
They did not discussed about the impact of flipped classroom on students’ performance. Some studies were conducted in pharmacology course served the description of the effectiveness flipped classroom against other teaching methods. First study was conducted by Pierce et al in 2012. The title of the study is Vodcasts and Active-Learning Exercises in a “Flipped Classroom” Model of a renal pharmacotherapy module. The aim of this study was to utilize flipped classroom and evaluate its effect on students’ performance and attitude. Result of this study was, group of students who were taught using flipped classroom got a good performance on their final examination compare to group of students who were taught using traditional lecture in the previous year and the students had a good opinion regarding POGIL activity and flipped classroom. Another study were conducted by Missildine et al I 2013. The title of the study is Flipping the classroom to improve student performance and satisfaction. This study revealed The students performance which reflected by their examination score were higher in the flipped classroom than other methods, but students were less satisfied with the innovative teaching method than with either of other method. However, from 589 students who joined in this study, only 445 students were completing the questionnaire for satisfaction survey. The survey questionnaires were

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