Example Of A Hero: Carol Burnett

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What kind of hero most inspires you? The type of hero that most inspires me is carol Burnett. Her full name is Carol Creighton Burnett. Her parents names are Joseph Thomas Burnett and Ina Louise Creighton. Carol Burnett is an actor, comedian, singer, television producer, voice actor, dancer, and a memoirist. One of the tv shows that she played in was the Carol Burnett show that was her show. Other shows that she played on was the Garry Moore show, the mama’s family, and many others. She is 83 years old. Carol Burnett has 3 kids and her daughter died of cancer in 2002. She also wrote books. Carol Burnett has won 22 Emmy Awards. Carol Burnett inspires me because she was successful in her life. Even though her childhood
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