Example Of A Mentor Essay

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Thank you for taking the time to mentor me as both a lacrosse player and coach. During my High School playing career, you inspired me to be the best player that I could be. You taught me that there is no right or wrong way to play the game, there was only a right or wrong effort to it. At one of my first practices after not being able to pass very well on the run I asked you what I was doing wrong in my throwing motion. You responded with “Nothing. There isn’t a wrong way to throw, you just throw. You can’t do it consistently because you haven’t put in the time away from practice learning your stick by throwing against a wall. Do that for a few weeks, then you’ll see a difference.” When I came back years later in my early 20s to assist you in coaching, you spent many nights going over film, developing practice plans, breaking down offensive and defensive schemes with me on your own time. You could easily have just assigned those tasks to me and gone about your business. But you were grooming me to be a Head Coach myself one day. You showed me the effort necessary and the time commitment needed to be a great coach, not just a good one. As my mentor, you showed me the attributes necessary to become a mentor myself to…show more content…
It’s a teacher that doesn’t just instruct, but take the time to truly mentor the students. They display the characteristics of a leader, and inspire the students, not just present material. Mentoring teaching is taking the time to develop relationships with your students. The positive attitude that a Mentoring Teacher demonstrates towards a student can instill a lifetime love of the subject they may be struggling with at that moment. By just taking the time to encourage them or show them the enthusiasm you have in teaching them, you become a mentor in their lives at that moment that can continue on for their entire life. This will help you engage them and grow their emotional
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