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Might Picture Superman, some words that pop into my head are strong, powerful, and mighty. People use the word might almost every day, but everyone is not just using it when we see a superhero. Might has several definitions and can be used in many different circumstances. One definition of might is the physical strength, power, force, authority, energy, intensity, or notability of someone or something. Another meaning of might is to express permission, liberty, and possibility. Might as a noun shows the amount of strength, power, force, energy, authority, or intensity of which someone is able to complete an act. For instance, the boy used all of his might to lift the large stack of textbooks off of the counter. Similarly, mighty can be an adjective used to describe a notable, influential, dominant, great, or powerful person or thing. For example, determined to be respected, the mighty king ordered his subjects to bow down to him. In particular, mightier can describe the amplitude of how mighty someone is. Also, mightiness can put forth the action done with power. The final way might can be…show more content…
When using mighty in this way, it can mean a variety of things such as huge, massive, expansive, vast, or large. To illustrate this definition, the mighty Sahara desert, hot and dry, spans an area of 3.629 million square miles. Might and main is a common idiom used to demonstrate force or the physical strength of something. Thus, the astonishing might and main of the eagle lifted the human out of the ocean. Another idiom used is might makes right which shows that the stronger of two opponents will rule over the other. So, the stronger person will always enjoy thinking that they are the best and right in every situation. For example, a case of where might makes right is seen when the football players would not pass the ball to any of the girls in the gym class since that knew they were

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