Example Of A Personal Statement For Early Childhood Education

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Reflecting on my educational and practical experiences, I appreciate the infinite influence that teachers have on children. I realise that children will take the skills and knowledge learnt in the classroom and use it throughout their lives. I know a teacher has to deal with many daily pressures and challenges, in the classroom. However, I feel I require the skills needed to deal with these challenges. As a teacher I hope not only to be an educator but a positive role model, whom the children can look up to and trust. The knowledge gained through my undergraduate degree in Childhood Studies; has equipped me with a solid foundation in the psychological, sociological and educational development of children. Through the course I learnt how to become an inclusive, versatile and well-rounded educator. As a result I was able to gain a 2:1 degree, which I hope will further demonstrate my academic ability to study at this level.…show more content…
This has enhanced and further developed my perspective and understanding of different teaching pedagogies. As a teaching assistant I supported two boys with autism from year 2 to year 4. During this time I would regularly have to adapt class lesson plans to cater to their specific needs, and use a variety of multi-sensory techniques, for them to access the lesson and enhance their learning further. At present I’m working as an outreach inclusions co-ordinator for the Greenwich Support Team for Education in Primary and Secondary schools (STEPS). As an outreach co-ordinator I support 15 schools within Greenwich offering support, advice and resources to teaching staff. To enrich the inclusive practices within the classroom and ensure that all children, especially children with SEN are able to have a full share in day to day
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