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As an individual which hasn’t encounter many life altering experiences, it is difficult to pin point my main social lens. However, the prevailing lens which could be used to describe experiences in my life is a conflict lens. In this paper, I will explain the main influences on my lens which include, growing up in a working-class family which created my perception of work values. Similarly, joining the defence force has developed my lens to focus on the importance of being a cohesive team even if there is a hierarchy of control. An individual’s values and morals relating to society are influenced by the surrounding social structures. Marx and Engels (1848) suggest that a family’s class is effected by the inequality of that society. Being born into a working-class family has affected my options in terms of the level of education that I received. Additionally, growing up in this environment created a sense of belonging within a labour orientated profession. Whereas, an individual which grew up in a middle or upper class would have had more options available to them during their development. Therefore, these options would have affected their values towards the community. All things considered,…show more content…
Giddens (1973, p. 60) refers to society as studying the role of organs within the human body, each organ plays a vital role to the bodies structure. Joining the navy illustrated this point to me as all members of a ship’s company must use their specialized skillset and communicate effectively with each other to achieve the common goal. Additionally, crews often face the same issues within their personal and professional life’s, these events normally force the team to have similar values as each other. As shown above, using a functional lens I was able to discover that for a team to be successful they must share common interests and have similar values in order to have a social

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