Example Of Advertising In Advertising

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Media plays a pivotal role in marketing products. With the advancement of technology, various new mediums have emerged to market and advertise a product. Some of them are print media such as newspapers or magazines, electronic media such as television and radio and the Internet. Advertising a product may have a similar fundamental base; however, it generally takes a different form with respect to appeal, target audience, or even the kind of information provided to viewers and users. A Mercedes Benz car is considered to be a luxury car. It CLS Intelligent Drive model has recently been launched and is being extensively advertised through various mediums. The trailer for “Mercedes-Benz New 2015 CLS Coupé and CLS Shooting Brake Intelligent Drive” car (HighwayStarBenz) is popularly available on electronic media. The commercial displays the sleek and impressive design of the car from the inside out. All brand new and advanced features embedded in this new model of Mercedes Benz viz. in-built intelligent braking system, auto parking technology, remote assistance technology and auto driver technology are displayed with stunning ocular effects. This medium of advertisement gives this product a magnificent appeal due to the breathtaking audio and visual effects which are barely ever found in other forms of advertising media. Advertisements available on the Internet have their own limitations and benefits. The scope of advertisement gets limited to a single or few Web pages. A short
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