Example Of Alienation In Sociology

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Alienation According to Debra Mashall she says that alienation is what people believe, things about society that aren’t necessarily valid. Ideology is an example. It is an individual isolated from society, work and sense of self. Alienation consists of the two sets of relations namely; A worker and an Object Alienation of the worker from the product means that their labor becomes an object, labor exists outside of the worker, it does not belong to the worker. A worker and production This relation of labor to act of production with the labor process, not just to finish the object but also the activity of the production, no longer belongs to the worker. He pointed out the competition of power between the two social classes in society There are two types of social classes namely; Bourgeoisie: it is owned product means and results in production, distribution and the profit, they were high class people, they owned factories and they sold things to make a living. these people have more power than the proletariat Proletariat: it is known as labors( workers) and Marx has a strong support on the value of labors. they were low class people and were dependent on the salary of wage that they get when paid from the bourgeoisie and they have less power Marx believes that the only solution is to have equality in both this social classes and that no class should be better or achieve better than the other class. That people whether from the poor or rich they need to help each other because
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