Example Of Anthropology And Human Rights

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Anthropology and Human Rights, Give Examples from Your Area

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Mr. Waqas Saleem
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Waseem Akhtar Shaikh
1st Semester
Department of Anthropology
Quaid-i-Azam University

Anthropology 3
Anthropology Consists of Four Subfields 3
Socio-Cultural Anthropology 3
Archaeological Anthropology 4
Physical/Biological Anthropology 4
Linguistic Anthropology 4
Human Rights 5
Interdependent and Indivisible 5
A View from My Area 6
Introduction 6
Human Rights of My Area 7
Right of Education 7
Children being Forced to Work in Larkana 8
Conclusion 8

Anthropology and Human Rights Give Example from Your Area

Anthropology is the study of the way of life, institution, social behaviors, economies and systems of meaning of significance of every human society. Anthropology is the study of mankind and human behavior. It is the main discipline that offers a calculated plan for the whole context of human experiences. It gives a broad system into which numerous different subjects can be fitted. Additionally, Social Anthropology is the near study of the institutions, social practices, and frameworks of importance of every single human society. It is concerned with explanation how any given society sorts out its relations to nature, its economy, social interaction and groupings, structures of political power, gender roles, religion, and all aspects of its way of life. As social researchers, Anthropologists form general theories about human
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