Example Of Argumentative Essay On Fear

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Fear can drive action in many different ways. Actions all have consequences whether they are good or bad depend on how you execute said action. Although some people believe fear doesn 't affect actions, actually be described as a weakness, a nightmare, stories, or one event leading to the next. For example, in walker 's essay fear can be described as a weakness or some kind of object you shouldn 't encounter. Walker uses examples of simple childhood fears everyone experiences, “Neuroscientists have actually shown that human beings are hard-wired to be optimists.” (1) Human beings don 't think of fear as something to talk about because they don 't want to be trapped in this world of negativity and discomfort they face alone. For example, “What if we thought of fear as an amazing act of the imagination, something that can be as profound and insightful as storytelling itself?” (1) People never know the kind of stories others can put to the mind and to paper with a simple thought or fear that haunts every mind corner and edge. Fear is never something to be afraid of but…show more content…
However, fears aren 't always something to overcome and get over as some kind of nightmare or weakness. It can also be a good thing that can tell stories to share for everyone who will listen. Walker speaks about fear in a different way, “It’s a kind of unintentional storytelling that we are all born knowing how to do.” (3) In a way, fear is told in which we understand in a literary way so even if others don 't know how to read and write, humans can tell a story. But there is very different perspectives to fear, “Our fears also tend to contain imagery that can be that can be every bit of vivid as what you find in the pages of a novel.” (3) Fears can be very imaginative and vivid because if people experienced them themselves instead of just reading about it then it is completely different. Stories can be very unique compared to each other because each person is unique and special and so are
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