Example Of Authoritarian Parenting

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The positively demonstrated authoritarian parent is strict. They have a set a rules and they demand their rules be followed. They don’t leave room for mistake and expect the very best for their children. An example of this type of parenting could be if a teenager arrives a few minutes late home from curfew. An Authoritarian parent would punish their teenager immediately and not find out why they were late. They simply see situations as black and white. A authoritative parent would be upset and worried and ask questions about why their child was late. Then they would come to a rational decision on whether it is punishment worthy. It could have been a flat tire, traffic, and miscommunication. Some celebrities in Hollywood have been scrutinized on their strict authoritarian parenting style. Famous footballer David Beckham and his music artist wife, victoria beckham has been judged harshly for the strict guidelines they give their superstar children. Their response to this negativity is that they do not want to raise their children to be respectful of others and have established appropriate boundaries. An unlikely notable authoritarian parent is popstar liberal Madonna. A woman who markedly presents no morals, ethics or boundaries enforces the opposite on her children. She furthermore has banned television from her 3 children’s lives, deeming it unnecessary and condemning it nonsense and absurd. Her children are also not allowed to have sweets such as candy,
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