Example Of Black Inequality Essay

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In the Declaration of Independence, there is a famous phrase that is saying that all human are created equally and similarly—regardless of his or her race, skin color, religion etc. The phrase also implies that life, liberty and happiness are three examples of unalienable rights that are given by the Creator and should be protect by the government. Thus, it means that the rights of equality, freedom and happiness of each of individual in the United States are not given by the government, thus it cannot been taken away. However, when we try to look at what the slaves or Black Americans faced during that time and how the white people treat black people unequally, we can say that these words in the Declaration of Independence about the unalienable rights are really contradict with what has been practiced and clearly exposed the…show more content…
Richard Allen wrote that when he and his ‘brothers’ went to St. George church in Fourth Street, the people from that church had treated them unfairly. For example, he and other black peoples had been placed around the walls when people get numerous attending the church. Besides, during the Sabbath morning they were asked to go to the gallery by the sexton and they also were asked to give up their seats to white people even though they were praying at that time. All in all, even though in the Declaration of Independence people are said to have equal rights because all men are created equal, we can clearly see that what actually happened in the United States after the Declaration of Independence was written were really contradict with what written in that doctrine. In other words, there are inconsistencies between the principles that being put up in the Declaration of Independence and the continual presence of slavery, as black people seems like they did not receive the unalienable
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