Example Of Cancun Personal Narrative

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My Personal narrative My trip to Cancun was so good between the ice cream and the pools. That was one of the most outstanding experiences of my life. OH well, I should probably tell you the story. Well we start in the Detroit airport and my brother was very hyperactive and about to take a pee in the car when we arrived. Finally we got to the security line and one look at it and I was so disgusted because all it smelled like foot egg salad farted and then puked on poop. The smell was so dreadful I could almost taste it. Then I looked up and saw a big fat guy and knew that that was the smell. WWWWW OOOOO SSSS SSSSS HHHHHH!!! We took off. The feeling of my ears popping bothered me, but I was so jumpy to go to Mexico. When we got there I
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