Example Of Child Observation Paper

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Sofia reported that she has a good relationship with both parents. She indicated if something is bothering her, she will speak with the parent with whom she is with.

Sofia reported that her mother’s home is smaller than her father’s. She indicated that both homes have the same rules. The child reported that her father lives one block away from the maternal grandmother.

She indicated that her father has someone living in the home, but they will be leaving soon. Sofia reported that her father will make it a playroom when they leave. The child stated when she is with her father, he picks her up from school and spends time with her in the afternoon and evening. She indicated after she and her father have dinner they do school work and or watch television for a couple of hours.
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Sofia reported when she is with her father, they have fun together. The child indicated that her father has a motorcycle which she has ridden. She indicated that she and her father only go a couple of blocks on the motorcycle. She indicated that she wears a helmet and sits in the front of the bike. The child stated that there are handles on the front of the bike that she holds on to. Sophia stated that she also rides her Segway and has ridden her cousin motor bike once when she is with her father. The child stated that she always wears her safety equipment when she is on her Segway.

Sofia stated when she is with her mother, they have a morning routine. She indicated that there are some days when she is running late because she is being difficult with her mother. The child indicated that her mother always keeps her on a schedule and keeps her focused. Sofia reported when she arrives home from school, she does her homework and or goes on the computer. Sofia reported that she has a tutor at her mother home, she indicated that her handwriting has
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