Example Of Citizen Journalism

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With the advance development of technology and internet enables every common person to produce content. For instance, YouTube, Facebook, Skype, Twitter, and smart phones are different typical examples of new media where every common people are able to voice out their opinions and perspectives of the world within. This is even supported by Bowman and Willis (2003) in his article, “We Media, How audiences are shaping the future of news and information”.
According to Bowman and Willis (2003), they have said that the reaction on the Internet gave growth to a new spread of “do-it-yourself journalism”. Everything from eyewitnesses’ visions and photo collection to commentary and personal storytelling are showing up to help people hold
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This scenario is very much applicable in a government sector, but not to the citizen journalism who always look for freedom of speech in their content.
What is Citizen Journalism?
• As John Kelly (2009) defines that citizen journalism is a new form of journalism where sharing a concept which is everyone can be a publisher. Is a public (non-professional citizen) who playing an active role in doing the things that only professional journalist used to do: witnessing, reporting, reporting, capturing, writing and disseminating the news and relevant information with transparency requires.
• By using electronic devices with multimedia element capability, it enables every citizen journalism to become a producer of content and allow them to disseminating news through writing, speech and other forms of communication platform. Social media is the best platform for them to publish their news freely.
• As citizen journalism, they have the right to freedom of speech. The rights that allow citizen journalism to raise their voice express their wishes and opinion freely without governmental intervention, its control by law which against libel and slander, incite to violence or
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This is because of the key that they tend to always remind the public daily on the important issue.
 For example, on news Anwar Ibrahim detained under ISA. From newspaper, magazine, television news and radio. All of these traditional media are putting almost the same headline. Basically, headline with a short summary of what it is really about is important because people tend to judge from the headline rather than the news content. Therefore, agenda setting has the ability to affect what public will focus on and also influence public understanding and perspective on the topics of the news (McCombs, 2002).
 Unlike citizen journalism, their agenda is focusing on telling the truth. They will not control what they wanted to publish and what they really focus on is be transparent. Especially when it comes to political news. Citizen journalism plays an important role because they are free with the political issue. They can publish news freely without controlling by governmental interference. Moreover, their agenda setting is to allow every audience to read news in different
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