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I observed classroom 4 on March 15, 2016. I also observed classroom 4 on May 12, 2016. Inside the classroom they have a lot of different activities for the children to learn and play. There is an area for children to read. The teachers also have a bookshelf for the children to choose a book and the children can read.
The teachers have a tank full of fish in their classroom. They have a few pretend babies they can play with inside. The teachers also have beds to put the babies in if the children want the baby dolls to take a nap. They have tables inside so they can sit and do different activities.
Some of the children enjoy the cooking area the teachers have for them. Some of the children also enjoy doing Play-doh too. Also sometimes the teachers
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Raven understands turn taking and does well with taking turns. Raven listens very well to the teacher and doesn’t grab the thing she wants out of another child`s hand. The other child was having trouble giving up the stuffed animal bird she was using. Raven did well with asking “it is my turn to have the stuffed animal bird.” The other child had a harder time taking turns and giving up the stuffed animal bird.
On May 12, 2016 two of the children were fighting over a dress they wanted to use while they were playing outside. One of the children had it in her hand and the other child was trying to get it out of her hand. The children were arguing with one another. Then the teacher helped the children calm them down and help them stop fighting.
The teacher helped stop the argument and talked to the children until one of the children gave up their dress and the teacher helped them out. One of the children decided to use a different dress. Then they went and did a different activity outside

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