Discrimination In Dragonwings

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Your standing there, following every rule in the book. You see over your shoulder people staring and mocking you. They even start throwing rocks at you. What do you do? Do you lash out or do you walk away without saying anything? Those were the choices that Moon Shadow and his Father had to make in the story, Dragonwings, by Laurence Yep. The story begins in 1903 when a young boy named Moon Shadow left China to travel across the world to America to meet his dad he's never met. While in America the Father and son duo experienced a lot of different forms of discrimination, but how did they react? Well, throughout the book Moon Shadow and Windrider showed excellent examples of how to deal with discrimination. At the beginning of the book Moon Shadow had just met the Company. Towards the night, a few drunk Americans decided to throw rocks through the Company's window. Father and the rest of the company didn't react to the incident. Others may argue that it is wrong to let the drunk Americans carry on with their ways and harass…show more content…
In the event of drunks breaking the Company’s window, Windrider stays calm and offers to help rebuild it. When Moon Shadow was getting bullied, he stayed calm and then later stood up to the bully but at the end showed sportsmanship. Lastly, when the authorities were being unfair to the Tang men, the company stood up to them and threatened to leave if they didn’t get the fair treatment they deserved. In the situation where someone treats you unfairly or makes fun of you based on how you look, take Moon Shadow’s and Windrider examples and remain calm and don’t overreact. Look at the examples of how to handle bullying and discrimination Moon Shadow and WIndrider show us in the book Dragonwings, by laurence
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