Different Types Of Employee Engagement

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EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT Employee engagement is the relationship between the organization and the employees. An engaged employee is very enthusiastic about their work and takes positive actions to improve and enhance the organization’s image. It is therefore, the level of commitment and involvement employees have towards their organization and its values. Engaged employees care about the future of the company and are willing to invest the discretionary efforts to see the organization succeeds. Employee Engagement is the passion employees have. Engagement has both emotional and rational factors relating to work and the overall work experience. The major drivers of this are,  Challenging work  Decision making authority  Input on decision…show more content…
If an employee is highly engaged, he/she will exhibit better performance, motivated, have a strong commitment and will be willing to contribute more voluntarily. The different types of engagement are: 1. Intellectual Engagement where, there is a constant urge to do better. 2. Affective Engagement where, there is a feeling positive, in order to do better. 3. Social Engagement i.e. taking opportunities to discuss work related improvement with others at work. Engagement also depends on the extent and Frequency of engagement. the strength of feeling engaged is the extent of engagement while, how often the individuals feel engagement is the frequency of engagement. The leadership inputs to employee engagement also play a very important role. The important aspects are:  Be strong and strengthen others i.e. leaders should talk to their employees about their…show more content…
This would improve productivity. Generation Y is dominating in the workforce and one of the important traits of this generation is “Recognition” more than money. Therefore, the organizations should consider these aspects in order to improve employee engagement. This is also the most digitally sophisticated generation who is constantly looking for sustainable environment therefore, workplace is important in attracting and retaining Gen Y. Other such factors can include, location of a company, technological provisions and the flexibility, adaptability which supports both formal and informal engagement and interaction. Ensuring participation of the employees in a way to make them important and needed is again Important. There should not be any communication gaps. There should be effective collaboration among employees which is important to boost team work, accelerate decision making, enhance satisfaction and also encourage creativity and innovation. This resulting satisfaction would lead to increase in productivity and reduced costs for the
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