Example Of Ethos In Advertising Essay

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In order to have a good advertisement companies must appeal to all potential consumers, donors, or volunteers by incorporating the aspects of ethos, logos and pathos. The purpose of this ad, from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), is to try to promote responsible fishing practices in places that the population of fish is declining due to over fishing and also to encourage people to be a part of their work by donation or volunteering. The World Wildlife Fund earns most of its money from donations and to get this money their advertisements must appeal to more than one type of person.
The advertisement appeals to ethos by telling the reader that the WWF is working in over forty countries trying to achieve their purpose. This appeals to ethos because it shows that the organization is credible and trustworthy. The advertisement also has their logo of the panda bear in the top right corner. This appeals to ethos because many people know that this logo is associated with the WWF and the work they do to save the planet, which shows that
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The advertisement also includes the big picture of the fish covering the entire page. The striking colors of the fish compared to the blue of the water behind it evokes emotion towards the fish. The advertisement also includes a picture of fishermen who would be affected if the fish were to go extinct or if fishing was made illegal in this part of the world. All these parts of the advertisement appeal to pathos because it evokes emotion not only towards the people who would starve without their main source of food, but also towards the beautiful, striking fish that would become endangered or even extinct without responsible fishing practices
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