Example Of Ethos Pathos Logos

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Medea. An individual whose fate relies on the adroitness of the opposing attorneys and her own. Despite arguing in different positions, both teams require the usage of persuasion techniques in order to influence the jury’s verdict in their favor. Without dynamic utilization of persuasive strategies, they would not be able to acquire the support the jury who adjudicates whether or not the accused is guilty. Although both the defense and prosecution teams substantiated their arguments through the use of persuasive strategies, such as logos and pathos, deciding which techniques will most effective to justify their perspective and obtain the jury’s loyalty varied which governed the verdict. Within each opening statement, there is an abundance of rhetorical strategies used to attain the jury’s attention. The prosecution team, utilized pathos, which is observed when constructing sympathy for the children. They expressed that Medea as the killer of her own children and convicted her of first-degree murder. Depicting her as a monster through strong connotations, they claim her to be a murderer of many and …show more content…

I believe that the most effective persuasive tactic utilized was logos. There is a multitude of examples of logos embedded in the testimonies and questions, appealing the logic of the jury. The defense did especially well in this category by utilizing the expertise of the Doctor. The Doctor establishing his credibility is also an example of ethos, which gives him the ability to diagnose Medea. Asking questions with precision, it led him to state how Medea “hates her own children and has no pleasure at the sight of them” (Euripides 214-215), verifying that loathing her own children is a characteristic an “average” person would not possess. The use of direct quotes from a text is an effective strategy to convey a fact and convince the audience of a certain

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