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Discord is an artform. The effectiveness of language as a form of communication can either be vague or particular, but in regards to the efficacy of an argument, concise rhetorical methods and doctrinal rules tend to form the basis of legitimacy. There are many strategies to be taken into account regarding rhetorical methods and for every method there is a fallacy. However, a simple process of building a substantial argument is the employment of the three basic modes of persuasion: ethos, the appeal of ethics and credibility, logos, the appeal of logic, and pathos, the appeal of emotion or morality. In Amy Stretten’s article Appropriating Native American Imagery Honors No One but the Prejudiced, Stretten effectively uses pathos and ethos …show more content…

Stretten specifically names the people took her offense to her not participating in school functions depicting native americans as caricatures. The way Stretten identifies here audience is by describing different scenarios in which she has felt victimized. Whereas this may seem narrative, Stretten solidifies the article’s persuasive nature by not simply sharing her experiences, but also arguing against them. Stretten employs facts to back up her argument and even quotes a psychologist’s academic findings as a way to back up her argument. Therefor, her target demographic is not simply those who already share her opinion. Her argument is made effective, additionally, by her use of …show more content…

Stretten uses this method, not only to convince her audience of her position, but additionally to change their stance on the subject from a basis of principles to personal. The way Stretten accomplishes this is by sharing her personal experiences regarding the use of caricatured Native Americans as mascots. She engages herself with her audience in an effort to, if they are not already convinced on principle, convince them that this is an issue that personally affects her. Once Stretten establishes herself as a person, rather than just a writer, she moves on to citing research of the mental health of those who have been victim to appropriation and stereotyping. This exhibits the actual emotional consequences of caricatures and cultural appropriation, thus effectively using pathos as a form of

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