Example Of Fallacy In Speech

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For the most part, fallacies are not necessarily used as a tool to persuade an audience or to convince an audience to vote for a politician. They're mainly said by accident or said intentionally. When it is said intentionally, it's without any remorse and is used to make a point, even if it is an objectively flawed one. Because of this it seems that fallacies are almost second nature in politics and corporations, like the case with Martin Gutierrez who wrote a speech to convince his audience to vote for him as Senator of California. His speech has a lot of fallacies, which are used as persuasive tools, in order to make points and prove that he is the best candidate in the election of Senator of California. The most frequent fallacy in…show more content…
In the speech it is said along with the ad hominem fallacy, and it's also said intentionally like the ad hominem fallacy. When he says, “If we allow her to take the seat any longer, she [Dianne Feinstein] will continue to do nothing!”, it's mainly an attack on Feinstein, however it can also be interpreted as a hasty generalization. It's because in the quote Martin says Dianne Feinstein would continue to do nothing if elected senator once again. Nowhere else in the speech does he provide any facts to support this, but it can be assumed that he doesn't know anything about Dianne’s career or he just ignores it to avoid confrontation with facts that would simply make his argument wrong. The most likely one is the latter option because it would allow the audience to also ignore her career while hearing the speech, while making it seem like she is the worst option as a senator. It's an effective use of a hasty generalization because Martin ignores Dianne's career as a senator to make it seem like she is a bad senator while also allowing the audience to ignore her career while hearing the speech. This allows him to start proposing his ideas later on, which means that the audience knows his propositions and ideas, while knowing nothing about Dianne, which makes Martin look good as a
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