Example Of Heroism: Definition Essay On Heroism

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Katie Kysar
Mrs. Ah Choy
English 10 GT (6)
September 28, 2014
Heroism Definition Essay What is a hero? Everyone has different perspectives and opinions, I suppose, but who can be a hero? Do you have to have magical powers, be born onto another planet, or save millions of people? I guess it all depends upon your point of view, but I think anyone can be a hero, even those with evil in their hearts. Villains are heroes too, under everything, as both heroes and villains were innocent children at one point in their life. They both have hearts that want love and kindness. Villains aren’t evil at birth; someone puts that evil in their hearts. Anyone can be a hero; it ultimately boils down to willingly doing something for someone else without asking
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No person is predominantly good or evil, but in a film that’s the easiest way to portray them for a simple plot structure, unlike the complexity of daily life. In reality, people are not black or white but shades of gray. People see different ideas from different perspectives; on each side of an argument is a different story. Doctors and surgeons can be daily heroes to those people whose pain they alleviate, but villains if they bring bad news, such as how long a person is expected to live. Hero or villain depends on the situation and individual…show more content…
A hero is someone who willingly sacrifices for the greater good, whether they give up their life, their time, or convenience. They don’t have to be confident all the time, but they need to be strong when others need someone to lean on, to listen when others need to talk and to be brave for those who are frightened. You don’t need to have magical powers or save the Earth, or be a genius (evil or good). It’s what is in your heart that really counts and how you place yourself in comparison to other people. Being a hero is doing your best, no matter what curveball life throws at you, no matter how heavy the burden of life seems to get. Being a hero means never giving up, even if people give up on

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