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How does one become a true hero? In many folklore tales a hero is portrayed as a brave citizen that puts himself in harm's way to save the lives of others. Meanwhile, in movies a person becomes a hero through mutation or inventions. Surprisingly, superheroes existed long before comic books and movies. The spark of heroism was started by Beowulf. Beowulf was a hero created by a writer during the Anglo-Saxon times that expressed paganism and christian savior. Similar to most heroes, their bravery comes from a victory by defeating a villain. The defeat of the Green Goblin in Spider Man had a direct effect on the people; Beowulf killing Grendel had a similar effect on the citizens of Herot. The people of Herot lived in fear because of the cruel…show more content…
Beowulf was brave and had much courage and this is what made him heroic. He never backed down from a fight and defeated many monsters on his journeys. Beowulf said, “I drove Five great Giants into chains, chased All of that race from the earth”(lines 248-250). Even though Beowulf is human he has towered and defeated dangerous creatures like the Giants. Also Beowulf said, “I swam In the blackness of night, hunting monsters Out of the ocean, and killing them one By one; death was my errand and the fate They had earned (lines 250-254). Essentially, no matter what or where he has to fight he isn't afraid. Beowulf connects to other superheroes for example Spider Man. He is connected to Spider Man because they both have powers and had the courage to go up against people or creatures above their ability. He believes even if it is his time to go that fate will decide it. Beowulf was brave and selfless to be able to fight these type monsters without being afraid which made him…show more content…
There are many ways for Heroes to be honorable for example, one being moral, righteous and noble. Modern day heroes are honorable to the people and sometimes to a higher ranked position like Beowulf is to his lord. As said in Beowulf, “Won’t go fight Grendel without Lord’s consent” (116-119). Beowulf is honorable and loyal to his Lord and would do anything for him. Surprisingly, he also says, “Won’t fight with weapons My lord Higlac would not be proud…” (264-266). Even something Beowulf’s lord does not want him to do he will not. He is also loyal to the people and his men. When he said he would defeat someone he kept to his promise to the people. Beowulf is honorable and shows this throughout every one of the fights he has been

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