Example Of Imperialism In Persepolis

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Marjane Satrapi’s perspective in her novel, Persepolis, is justified through the effects of the Iranian revolution, social classes, and imperialism and supports a pessimistic view of the revolution in the early 1980s. These themes constructed her opinions on the war and Iranian culture in itself. Imperialism lead to the idea of western culture being a sign of betrayal, revolution brought the harsh views of many people in Iran, and social classes plagued Satrapi with guilt and lead to the separation of many people. One key point that supports Satrapi’s negative perspective is imperialism, in the sense that imperialism brought many sorrows to the Middle East and as a result, Marjane’s views of the Middle East are, in fact, justified. Imperialism brought western culture and new ideas that helped the country flourish for years to come, though on the other hand, imperialism also brought an ever-standing battle for the Middle East’s oil. Consequently, the negative connotation connected with the western world, made simple day to day items become symbols of betrayal. Marjane sarcastically labeled neckties, a “dreaded symbol of the west” (75). Not only did Marjane know about the stereotypes, but she was later stopped by a couple of guardians of the revolution for wearing “punk” shoes, a jean jacket and a Michael Jackson

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