Example Of Informative Speech Analysis

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Informative speeches are useful when the giver wants to pass along knowledge to the audience in a clear and understandable manner. Just about every profession requires an educational presentation in a scalable size. Breaking down a complex topic into simple, logical terms can be associated with almost any job. Specific occupations could be a manager or supervisor that has to give a presentation to inform their team members of the rules for appropriate behavior, the deadlines for a project or requirements of the team. Another example could be where a police officer gives a presentation to inform the community about crime rates to raise awareness, or an additional example could be a firefighter that offers a performance to raise awareness of fire safety to children. A community situation that requires informative speeches today is to inform people of the importance of safety when using social media and topics to be covered should include privacy, safety and warning signs of predators.…show more content…
It was a simple PowerPoint presentation, and it was general information about me. I knew all the facts because they were about me, but needless to say, it went horribly. Immediately my voice was cracking as I started and I was a bundle of nerves. I was not prepared and had not rehearsed and that only complicated things even more. As I rambled through it, I used lots of verbal fillers, and it seemed to get a little more comfortable as I was about halfway through it. I am going to have to give a presentation next month for a different class where I assume the role of a manager at a system analysis and design firm. We have first to define the needs of the medical practice that hired us. Then we have to describe how to meet those needs, and at the end, we have to demonstrate the processes of the system to meet those
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