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You are a graduate of The University of South Carolina, and obtained a major in business. Many people may not be aware of this, but you’ve managed plenty of other organizations (The Los Angeles Strings, Blades, and The Forum). You were clearly more than qualified to become the President of the Los Angeles Lakers, but my question for you is when and how exactly did you know that you were ready to take on such an important role in such an historic franchise?

2. For somebody like myself who dreams to work for The Los Angeles Lakers or any alternative professional sports franchise, what steps would you advise they take after completing college?

3. Before conducting this interview, I researched what current tasks you complete on a daily basis, and found that you also are an owner of the Women of Wrestling promotion. Ironically enough, I am also a huge professional wrestling fan. Do you find your job as The President of the Lakers similar,
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In a recent interview with Bleacher Report regarding Kobe Bryant’s recent announcement regarding his retirement, you said that it is hard for you to imagine the Lakers without him (as it will be for all Laker fanatics). My question for you is one that you may get asked a lot in the next few weeks, but I honestly am curious as a fan; what steps does someone in your position look to take next year to fill in this missing piece of the Lakers?

5. Last night, I attended the 76ers - Lakers game in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. What astonishes me about that game and quite frankly any away game for the Lakers is the amount of local fans in attendance. Why do you believe the Lakers have such a strong worldwide fan base?

6. When it comes to free-agency and trades, I can only assume it is very difficult to determine what is and what is not beneficial to to the future of the Lakers organization. When these types of transactions take place, how difficult is it to decide whether or not it will benefit the team and what exactly do you
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