Example Of Integrative Negotiation

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The initial strategy my partner and I had for the negotiation was an integrative negotiation. Therefore, it was a win-win situation for the both sides. Even though both sides needed the same fruit, we quickly realized each side only needed a specific part of the fruit. So, my partner and I decided to present the other side with the win-win situation and proposed that we buy the fruits by splitting the price and they take the part of the fruit they need and return what is left of the fruit to us so that both side can benefit from the negotiation. Personally, I was more concerned about the relationship because I throughout it would be difficult to deal with since some can be problematic and untrustworthy. However, after having an integrative negotiation both side were able to come to an understanding and work well so that both side could get the part of the fruit they needed.

2. What information was shared during the negotiation? Was there full disclosure? How did your approach change based on how much information was disclosed?
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While negotiating with the other side, it took some time to get to a point for us and the other team to find a middle ground since the other team was being a little stubborn. However, after analyzing the relevant information and determining the interest of both sides, we were able to be transparent with one other and negotiate effectively. Overall, the approach my partner and I took showed the other side that we were being transparent and open about out interest and goals since with disclosed all the information we
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