Example Of Intersectionality Essay

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Midterm Intersectionality: As a human being you are not bound nor placed into one single group or category. You yourself do not identify solely by gender or race. There are multiple aspects to you that make you who you are; it consists on how you see yourself and how the world perceives you. Intersectionality is the interwoven identities that make up who you are: race, class, gender, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, etc. They are interdependent and can be shaped by one’s own personal experiences. It also refers to “the various forms of oppression that are interrelated and cause intersections between systems of domination that result in unique practices of discrimination” (Brown, 4). As a woman, I myself also identify as being of Mexican heritage but of American nationality. I am in college and in the working class poor. I am a moderate conservative, Catholic, and straight. I am not one without the others, life’s experiences have made me who I am.…show more content…
For one you are educated, show mothers, daughters that women can do better for themselves through education. Use the fact that your mother is a local school teacher, you become more relatable to the community because you are from the community. A plus is that teaching and education are seen as a more feminine issue and thus you have more insight. The next key strength would be to appeal to local small businesses and farmers. Your district not only includes the inner city, but also major farmland. Your dad in now in construction and had a small goat farm. Knowing about construction is typically seen as a more masculine idea, the goal would be to highlight the need for job stability and to create more jobs. The goat farm promotes the idea of small family owned and operated business that not only creates job but keeps them local. Everything done and said must be relatable and beneficial to not only you, but to those electing
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