Example Of Mistrust In Othello

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In William Shakespeare’s Othello the two main characters are Iago and Othello. The entire story centers around Iago 's plan to achieve revenge on Othello for not promoting him to lieutenant. Throughout the story Iago tries to convince Othello that his wife Desdemona has cheated on him with his lieutenant Cassio. Iago’s plan is successfully and easily executed. Othello is tricked into believing that desdemona has been unfaithful and in the end he kills her. The men in Othello mistrust the women and always quick to associate them with being deceptive and unfaithful. Even in the beginning of the play there are hints of mistrust in women. For an example, when Brabantio discovers that Desdemona married Othello he says, “Fathers, never trust your daughters just because they act obedient and innocent” (1.1.15-17). Brabantio implies that women put on an act and pretend to be trustworthy. Even a father thinks women act one way and are not what they seem. Then Brabantio, still enraged about the new marriage, continues to say, “Keep an eye on her, Moor. She lied to me, and she may lie to you”(1.3.5-6). This shows that Brabantio believes that Desdemona will continue to be deceiving. He suggests that women have to earn their trust and that they do not deserve trust from their significant others. Women are consistently depicted as deceptive in Othello. For instance, when Cassio apologizes for kissing Emilia Iago’s wife, Iago starts to rant about women and remarks, “Come on, Come on.
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