Example Of Narrative Essay About Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is a time that most families gather to share a huge feast. However, not every family celebrates Thanksgiving the same. Much like our ancestors, every American that celebrates thanksgiving celebrates uniquely. My Thanksgiving is special and unique to me because my family has developed our own traditions over the years. We spend the day inside cooking and watching football. The girls always are the ones who cook and bake, while the guys watch the thanksgiving game. We always have to argue with the guys to change the channel to the thanksgiving parade. Then at night, once the sun hides behind the trees, we start a bonfire. We spend the rest of the night roasting marshmallows and listening to Christmas music. Nick spends his day playing with his little cousins and dominating his overweight uncles…show more content…
I have a theory that everyone comes to our house for Thanksgiving because we make the best turkey and gravy out of my family, but that is just my theory. Nick also has family over at his house, as well as Luke. Mya however, goes to her grandma´s house for this holiday. Everyone I interviewed about food had a variety of different things on their Thanksgiving plate. Nick enjoys lamb and mashed potatoes, Luke is anxious to sink his teeth into some fresh ham, Mya is there for the pumpkin pie, and I´m there for my grandma´s cheesecake. We all have unique and different Thanksgiving favorites, but we all are thankful for everything and everyone there. Our Thanksgiving is very different from those of the Pilgrims and Native Americans. They ate wild fowl, venison, lobster, and seal. They also shared their meal with their allies and neighbors around them, rather than with family and friends. As you can tell, we all have very different ways of celebrating Thanksgiving. However, Regardless of the food we eat, the games we play, or the people we are with . . . we spend the day being thankful for what we all
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