Example Of Naturalistic Observation

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Naturalistic Observation
By:Jazzlyn Logelin
MWF 12pm-12:50pm

For our naturalistic observation we had been required to watch from afar how people react or do when they don’t know they’re being watched. I had decided to watch how many women/girls compared to men/boys go to the bathroom. My hypothesis is if you go to a restaurant, than you will see more women than men go in. I chose this study because of the stereotype that women have “small bladders” causing them to always need to use the restroom, and I wanted to see if it was true for myself. I suspect that men go to the bathroom a lot more than women because they seem to always eat and drink more than an average woman, which would make you think they’d have to use the restroom more. And not always, but I would say more often than not men are a lot more active and mobile than most women causing them to have to go a lot more often. Lastly, because every year growing up my family and I drive to Florida, and every year my boy cousin and my older brother would literally always have to go to the bathroom every hour at least once, but yet I still always had heard girls have the smaller bladder.

This observation took place at Buffalo Wild Wings in the early afternoon at 4:37 pm ish. I had sat at the bar side of Buffalo Wild Wings facing the bathrooms. I started observing right after ordering my food right until I had gotten up to leave. Throughout the time, I had made marks on each of the genders entering. In the restaurant
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