Example Of Observation In Nursing

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Observation of an event, the surrounding circumstances and outcome:
I was in the gero unit at Millwood. I got to see an older people suffering from different types of psych disorder. It was around breakfast time, I saw an old lady crying and laughing at the same time. She was yelling to the nurse saying she need her medication and she is in pain. She seems disoriented. she was telling nurse that she wants to get out from that place. She had one bible in her hand and she was telling nurse she will save herself from dying and Jesus will take care of her. She seems very spiritual person. I feel like she is very interesting person to talk with so I choose her for my patient interview. She is suffering from bipolar disorder and her mood swings every minute. I was interviewing her and she suddenly started talking in loud voice and started crying. I was very frightened by the situation. I took a deep breath and I calmed myself down. I asked her if she need any help from my side. She was suffering from gas in stomach and it is causing her pain so she told me to get her morning medicine. It was her medication time, so I administered her medication in the supervision of my nurse. After an hour of medication ingestion, she seems cooperative to
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Nurse did not pay attention when patient came to the window and cried. Nurse keep focusing on her work and she ignore her so I felt like I should talk with her. Therefore, I choose her for the patient interview. Later I got to know that she is suffering from the severe bipolar disorder with acute delusions, so she kept forgetting things. After I interviewed, I realized that nurse already had taken care of her but due to her disorder she was not able to remember that she had already eaten her medicine. I felt sad for the patient and her disorder. I hope she will continues taking her medication as directed and her symptoms get

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