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The complaint and affidavit of Denielle DeSive, a sworn police officer with the Wayne County Police Department in Wayne County Nebraska, on this day the 11th of April, 1994, being first duly sworn upon his oath says:

I have been employed though Wayne County Police Department, in Wayne Nebraska since 1990. Prior to this I worked at Knox County Police Department in Verdigre, Nebraska for five years. I am certified through Wayne State College, where I graduated in 1985. Starting my career I worked mainly misdemeanor cases, after two years of working misdemeanor cases, I moved up to working felony cases.

Probable Cause

On Friday April 8th, 1994 the body of Kurt Cobain was found by an electrician. The electrician looked through a glass door of a greenhouse above a
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• Observation about the inconsistencies of Cobains death.
• The way Love sabotaged Grants investigation, from getting Dylan high before talking to him or leaving out information.
• How Love claimed Cobain was suicidal and many of Cobains friends did not agree.
• Observations from Grant of Love having a practice sheet for Cobains suicide note.

1. PERSON TO BE SEIZED: Courtney Love, born on July 9th, 1964. She is blonde and is five feet ten inches tall and about one hundred and twenty five pounds. She also has full lips and light blue eyes. She has a distinct tattoo on her right arm. She also has a scar on her left ankle and another tattoo on her left shoulder.


Based on my training and experience and the evidence listed above I believe that there is enough probable cause to issue an arrest warrant for Courtney Love. Wherefore, affiant prays that an arrest warrant may issue according to

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