Oskar Schindler Argumentative Essay

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“Morality binds people into groups. It gives us tribalism, it gives us genocide, war, and politics. But it also gives us heroism, altruism, and sainthood,” (Haidt). The holocaust is known as one of the worst mass genocides in history. So many people lost their lives during this tragedy, and many had not only physical scars, but mental scar as well. Through this devastating period there were parks of light, and one of those sparks was Oskar Schindler. Schindler put his life on the line for his workers, and tried his best to save as may as he could. Through the ages we see people like Schindler manifest in different way, for instance Dr Martin Luther King Jr, who tried to stop the oppression of African-Americans during his time, an action that…show more content…
Could I, now would I risk my life to save my life for someone else 's? The answer to that question is maybe because, you see, based on certain circumstance I don’t think I would be able to. In a life death situation you have to play god, you have to decide who’s worth your life, who’s worth saving. For some people I would risk my life for them with no questions asked, but other the line is gray. For you see, “ Morality is the principle of things and truth is the material of all morality,” (Gandhi), and the truth is human mortality, my morality, my principle will never be black and white. I hate the fact that in a situation like that I would have to play god because I’m not him, I shouldn’t get to play judge, jury, and executioner, but I refuse to risk my life and possibly leave the people I love and care about, to die and never get to reach my dreams and aspiration, for someone who’s done nothing for me and could possibly be a hinder on our society. I know it seems harsh, that sounds harsh, but life is precious and there are just some people I couldn’t even think to save in situations like the school shootings we 've had recently, or like situations during the holocaust. There’s a possibility that maybe I could be Schindler and if given the opportunity, that maybe I would be the type of person who could save a massive group of people, but based on what I’ve seen in this society, although it’s unlikely because I just don’t think me as a person would sacrifice my life for some of the people in this

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