Example Of Personal Harassment

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Personal Harassment Harassment which threatens the psychological or physical well-being of an individual is defined as Personal Harassment. Bullying is a common term for personal harassment. Intimidation and humiliation are examples of personal harassment, which may occur in a single incident or repeated infractions. Personal harassment can have a long lasting impact on the employee. Work sabotage, verbal or written abusive threats, and derogatory insults are forms of personal harassment which may occur in the work environment. The Approach to Address Harassment Prevention is the most important factor to resolve harassment. It is the employer’s responsibility to prevent and resolve harassment by communicating to employees that severity of such infractions. An effective complaint or grievance process should be established which provides anti-harassment training to managers allowing immediate action to be taken when a complaint is filed. Employers must address the concerns of employees and ensure each employee is confident in the reporting process The Occupational Safety and Health Act The Occupational Safety and Health Act provides workers with safer workplace conditions. The legislation was passed in the year of 1970. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration was established prior to the legislation being passed. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is responsible for establishing standards and performing job inspections. Enforcement of job safety

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